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Vocabulary in The Minister's Black Veil

Vocabulary Examples in The Minister's Black Veil:

The Minister's Black Veil


"crape..."   (The Minister's Black Veil)

An anglicized version of "crepe", this is a silk or wool piece of cloth that has a thick consistency. It is also the name given to a mourning piece worn on the arm often worn by funeral attendees.

"Did he seek to hide it from the dread Being whom he was addressing?..."   (The Minister's Black Veil)

The capitalization of “Being” indicates that Hawthorne is alluding to God. If Reverend Hooper wishes to hide his face from God, this most likely means Hooper has committed a sin and is ashamed to show his face to God.

"sexton..."   (The Minister's Black Veil)

A sexton is somebody who maintains and looks out for a church graveyard, keeps the graveyard clean and, more commonly in past centuries, digs graves for the deceased.

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