Syntax in Orchard

Syntax Examples in Orchard:

Orchard 3

"(spare us from loveliness)..."   (Orchard)

Notice that this prayer, repeated later in the poem, is first said in parenthesis. Since parenthesis are commonly used for de-emphasis, this removes it from the immediate surroundings. This suggests that this is a thought in the speaker’s head, not yet voiced aloud.

"spare us..."   (Orchard)

The third repetition of the refrain “spare us” further emphasizes the speaker’s desperation. We see that the speaker is struggling to resist the temptation of the “loveliness” of the orchard. She assumes a begging or pleading tone as she continues to use this refrain.

"spare us..."   (Orchard)

The continued repetition of this phrase has a strong effect on the tone of this poem. Since this phrase is similar to the refrain “deliver us from evil,” the speaker’s repeating this “prayer” creates a desperate, almost pleading tone that intensifies with each repetition.