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Tone in Orchard

Hopeful: The speaker employs a contemplative yet hopeful tone. Even though he ponders death, he ultimately concludes that the beauty of life can be appreciated at all times. He emphasizes the importance of possessing gratitude since life is so short.

Tone Examples in Orchard:


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"broken..."   (Orchard)

The speaker’s use of “stripped” and “broken” further connect to the imagery of “falling.” While this can operate on a metaphorical level, it can also demonstrate the impending seasonal change of late-summer to fall. Soon, all of this rich fruit will begin to rot and decay, and all that is now beautiful will become sickly. This further emphasizes the danger of giving in to earthly pleasures, as they will not remain beautiful forever.

"spare us..."   (Orchard)

The third repetition of the refrain “spare us” further emphasizes the speaker’s desperation. We see that the speaker is struggling to resist the temptation of the “loveliness” of the orchard. She assumes a begging or pleading tone as she continues to use this refrain.

"spare us..."   (Orchard)

The continued repetition of this phrase has a strong effect on the tone of this poem. Since this phrase is similar to the refrain “deliver us from evil,” the speaker’s repeating this “prayer” creates a desperate, almost pleading tone that intensifies with each repetition.

"prostrate..."   (Orchard)

In general, to be prostrate means to lie on the ground, usually in a dramatic manner of distress. The use of the word here demonstrates the speaker’s struggle to resist the temptations of the orchard and builds a tone of despair.

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