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Imagery in Othello

Imagery Examples in Othello:

Act II - Scene I

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"but indeed my invention Comes from my pate as birdlime does from frieze;..."   (Act II - Scene I)

In a humorous image, Iago jokes about the challenge of imagining kind things to say about Desdemona. Such a compliment would come from his pate, or head, the way “birdlime does from frieze,” “birdlime” being a very sticky substance and “frieze” being cloth.

"Come on, come on. You are pictures out of doors,(120) Bells in your parlors, wildcats in your kitchens, Saints in your injuries, devils being offended, Players in your housewifery, and housewives in your beds...."   (Act II - Scene I)

By Iago’s word, every aspect of Emilia’s life is awry. In a flurry of figurative language, Iago offers a series of images that represent things out of place: “bells in your parlors, wildcats in your kitchens,” etc.

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