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Irony in Patterns

Irony Examples in Patterns :


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"whim..."   (Patterns)

A “whim” is a fanciful or fantastic creation, an invention or idea. In these lines, the speaker remembers that her loved used to believe that “sunlight carried blessing.” At the time he said this, the speaker agreed with him. However, now that he is dead and she still stands in the bright, sunlight garden the speaker sees irony in this belief: sunlight has not brought her blessings.

"correct..."   (Patterns)

In this context, the adjective “correct” takes on eerie connotations. Generally, “correct” means to be free from error. However, it also carries an implicit power structure, as those who decide what is error and what is correct are generally in socially powerful positions. Her brocade has been portrayed as uncomfortable and problematic throughout the poem. Thus, this statement, “correct brocade,” can be read ironically: it is “correct” by the standards of the society in which she lives, but it clashes with her desires and is wrong for her.

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