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Literary Devices in Patterns

Literary Devices Examples in Patterns :


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"guarded from embrace..."   (Patterns)

Again, the softness of the speaker’s naked body is juxtaposed with the hard exterior of the dress she is wearing. The dress is literally figured as a prison “guarding” her from her desire. From this metaphor, the audience sees that the speaker is not only confined by social expectations but also trapped by them.

"I would be the pink and silver..."   (Patterns)

Notice that the speaker imagines herself assuming the space of the pink and silver dress as soon as she imagines destroying it: her skin becomes the pink and her powdered hair the silver. In this fantasy, the dress, the medium through which society sees and controls her, is replaced with her actual body. When she shares this space with him, she embodies the “pink and silver” and is able to be seen and to guide their actions.

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