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Simile in The Lucy Poems

Simile Examples in The Lucy Poems:

Strange fits of passion have I known

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"Fresh as a rose in June,..."   (Strange fits of passion have I known)

This line nods to the tradition of courtly love poetry. In this style, poets often perform what is called the “blazon,” a method of applying enthusiastic metaphors to the love object. As the poem progresses, it becomes clear how out of place the “rose in June” is.

"—Fair, as a star when only one Is shining in the sky...."   (She dwelt among the untrodden ways)

The poet compares Lucy to a star, and not just any star. He states that she is as beautiful as a solitary star in the sky. He is telling the reader that Lucy is uncommonly beautiful. The image of the single star also represents Lucy’s role as a muse. Just as sailors would navigate according to the North Star, the speaker looks to Lucy for inspiration and direction.

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