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Vocabulary in The Lucy Poems

Vocabulary Examples in The Lucy Poems:

Strange fits of passion have I known

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"I to her cottage bent my way, Beneath an evening moon...."   (Strange fits of passion have I known)

The word “bent” functions on a couple of levels here. It suggests the love object’s gravitational pull, drawing the speaker from his usual path. On a deeper level, the language here describes how love “bends” a person from life’s usual ways and routines.

"The bowers where Lucy played;..."   (I travelled among unknown men)

Wordsworth chooses the image of a bower—a place shaded by trees—as the location of the muse for two reasons. Metonymically, the natural world is a classic place of poetic inspiration, particularly for Wordsworth. Metaphorically, the bowers usefully evoke the shadowy nature of poetic inspiration: the poet pulls the words from darkness into light.

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