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Allusion in The Old Nurse's Story

Allusion Examples in The Old Nurse's Story:

The Old Nurse's Story

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"'Pride will have a fall;'..."   (The Old Nurse's Story)

This is a proverb, a short statement intended to instruct or advise. It comes from the biblical book of Proverbs (16:18). It means that someone who is overconfident in her abilities is likely to fail eventually, either due to inexperience or underestimation. Because both Maude and Grace are prideful, they will likely make mistakes during the story. Hester’s repeated use of proverbs also contributes to the instructional tone of the story.

"'Flesh is grass, they do say;..."   (The Old Nurse's Story)

The phrase “flesh is grass” is an allusion to the biblical verse in Isaiah 40:6. It means that everyone is a moral being, subject to decay; Hester is amazed that Miss Furnivall, who is now an older, apparently unpleasant-looking woman, once looked so young and beautiful.

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