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Metaphor in Drinking Alone Beneath the Moon

Metaphor Examples in Drinking Alone Beneath the Moon:

Drinking Alone Beneath the Moon

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"Wine’s view is lived:..."   (Drinking Alone Beneath the Moon)

Since the speaker has equated wine with spiritual awareness, he refines his claim with a metaphorical statement: “Wine’s view is lived: you can’t preach doctrine to the sober.” He is effectively saying that one must drink to reach enlightenment, but on a broader, metaphorical sense, we can interpret this in another way: in order to understand spiritual lessons, one has to experience life for themselves.

"clear wine..."   (Drinking Alone Beneath the Moon)

Clear wine refers to white wines. They are “clear” in the sense that the liquid is translucent. Since the speaker associates this type of wine with enlightenment, the use of “clear” here has extra weight. Enlightenment is also referred to as a kind of mental clarity, of seeing things more easily and clearly. This is likely why he draws the connection between the two.

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