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Personification in Drinking Alone Beneath the Moon

Personification Examples in Drinking Alone Beneath the Moon:

Drinking Alone Beneath the Moon

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"Surely, if heaven didn’t love wine..."   (Drinking Alone Beneath the Moon)

Having earlier personified the moon and his shadow, Li Po’s speaker also personifies the heaven and the earth in these two couplets. By giving these non-human entities the capacity to love, he allows them to have a more active voice, which he uses to convey his argument that wine is a natural substance that should be embraced.

"and shadow only trails along behind me...."   (Drinking Alone Beneath the Moon)

While the speaker considers the moon and shadow friends, he does state that they can’t appreciate wine and drinking as much as the speaker does. This suggests that wine offers humans something that the moon cannot understand or does not need and that the shadow is only capable of miming his actions. As we’ll shortly see, the speaker claims that wine has the power to give humans spiritual harmony and balance, which the moon would not need since it’s in perfect balance with the earth.

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