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Syntax in Drinking Alone Beneath the Moon

Syntax Examples in Drinking Alone Beneath the Moon:

Drinking Alone Beneath the Moon

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"I’ve found a joy that must infuse spring:..."   (Drinking Alone Beneath the Moon)

Again, we’re working with Hinton’s translation, but the grammar of this sentence provides a nuanced reading. That joy “must infuse spring” suggests that spring is always filled with joy. But it also might suggest that the speaker believes that what makes spring joyful is the kindred harmony he shares with the natural world.

"a single jar..."   (Drinking Alone Beneath the Moon)

Since the verb is omitted in this first line, several nuanced readings are permitted: the speaker finds wine among the flowers, the speaker sits among the flowers with wine, or flowers surround this single jar of wine, etc. However, we can apply English grammatical rules to Hinton’s translation, which suggests a reading in this vein: “A single jar of wine is among the blossoms.” Regardless of the reading, the speaker conveys an idea that wine and nature have a pleasant association.

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