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Allusion in The Gift of the Magi

Allusion Examples in The Gift of the Magi:

The Gift of the Magi


"The magi brought valuable gifts..."   (The Gift of the Magi)

The “magi” referred to here, and in the title, are the “Three Wise Men” that play a part in the nativity story in the Bible. In the story, the magi travel hundreds of miles to be there when Jesus is born. The magi each brought a different gift: gold, frankincense, and myrrh. This is where the tradition of gift giving on Christmas comes from.

"King Solomon..."   (The Gift of the Magi)

King Solomon of Israel, a rich king from the Old Testament, was visited by the Queen of Sheba because she wanted to test his wisdom. She asked him a series of difficult questions, and when he answered all of them correctly, she was so impressed that she showered him with gold and jewels. Then, to show his gratitude, King Solomon granted her everything she desired.

"Queen of Sheba..."   (The Gift of the Magi)

The Queen of Sheba, a wealthy queen from the Old Testament, ruled an ancient kingdom in the region of modern-day Ethiopia. This Biblical allusion is not surprising considering how the title of the story itself is a Biblical allusion.

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