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Conflict in Peter Pan

Conflict Examples in Peter Pan:

Chapter 13 - Do You Believe In Fairies?

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"Was that boy asleep, or did he stand waiting at the foot of Slightly's tree, with his dagger in his hand?..."   (Chapter 13 - Do You Believe In Fairies?)

By presenting this question to the reader, the narrator builds suspense for the upcoming scene. The readers don’t know if Peter is ready to fight or about to be killed. If the narrator had given the readers this information before Hook goes down to see for himself, they would have some sort of idea of what to expect.

"Hook or me this time...."   (Chapter 15 - Hook or Me This Time)

This statement describes the culminating event of the central plot conflict in the story. “Hook or me this time” insinuates that by the end of the story either the antagonist or protagonist will defeat the other once and for all.

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