Young Adult

Peter Pan

Neverland—a fantasy world built by children’s dreams and imaginations and home to Peter Pan, the young boy who never grows up. J.M. Barrie’s classic children’s tale is more than a story of mermaids, fairies, and the notorious pirate Captain Hook: Peter Pan is a timeless struggle between being young and growing old. One night flying around London, Peter meets Wendy Darling and her two younger brothers in their bedroom window. A short while after, Peter convinces the Darling children to fly with him to Neverland to live with him and his gang of forgotten children, the Lost Boys. Touching on themes such as motherhood, good versus evil, and love, Peter Pan is a literary adventure that gives readers a nostalgic look into their sentimental past, encouraging us to look back at our younger and more imaginative selves, reminding us to never stop believing.

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