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Conflict in Romeo and Juliet

Conflict Examples in Romeo and Juliet:

Act II - Scene II

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"What's in a name? That which we call a rose(45) By any other name would smell as sweet...."   (Act II - Scene II)

Ironically in this line and the ones that follow, Juliet claims that names are superficial and unimportant in order to emphasize that Romeo can shed his name. The fixation on Romeo's name coupled with this dismissal of a name's importance demonstrates Juliet's conflict: while the name is unimportant to Juliet, it is everything to the society in which she lives.

"doting..."   (Act II - Scene III)

The Friar plainly presents the same problem that Juliet seems to recognize in Romeo's love: it is a doting affection situated in metaphors and the pose of love rather than actual love. It is now up to the audience to determine whether or not Juliet successfully refashioned Romeo's love in the previous scene.

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