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Imagery in The Mortal Immortal

Imagery Examples in The Mortal Immortal:

The Mortal Immortal

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"Back to your cage--hawks are abroad!"..."   (The Mortal Immortal)

Notice the abundant use of comparisons to nature that Shelley makes to characterize these people. While Bertha’s youth allows her to move like graceful deer, her guardian “hobbles.” This sets up preference for youth over age, which will be echoed in later scenes. Notice also how Winzy is viewed by Bertha’s guardians: he is a hawk, a predator from which Bertha must be protected.

"an odour the most fragrant and grateful stole over my sense; the vessel seemed one globe of living radiance, lovely to the eye, and most inviting to the taste...."   (The Mortal Immortal)

This is the first instance of multisensory imagery in the story. Notice how appealing the drink seems to a variety of senses: its appearance is beautiful, eye-catching, and symmetrical while its pleasant scent is left up to the reader’s imagination. This allows the reader to imagine whatever is most alluring, a calculated move by Shelley.

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