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Tone in The Mortal Immortal

Tone Examples in The Mortal Immortal:

The Mortal Immortal

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"I will not attempt to describe the sleep of glory and bliss which bathed my soul in paradise..."   (The Mortal Immortal)

The tone is now hopeful and blissful; Winzy is content beyond words or human comprehension, so description of his state is left more to the imagination than intricately recounted.

"I would not remain unrevenged--she should see Albert expire at her feet--she should die beneath my vengeance...."   (The Mortal Immortal)

Probably due to lack of sleep coupled with overwork, Winzy’s emotional state is heightening, his agitation growing. The tone is becoming one of desperation rather than measured consideration.

"I felt as if Satan himself tempted me...."   (The Mortal Immortal)

The notion of Satan, the Christian devil, tempting unsuspecting souls to hell is a common motif in European literature. In order to gain short-term rewards, like wealth, humans are often required to sign over their souls. That Winzy views Agrippa’s offer as similar to a deal with Satan sets an menacing tone for the rest of their interactions and creates a sense of dread in readers as they wait to see if the deal is as terrible as Winzy believes.

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