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Vocabulary in The Mortal Immortal

Vocabulary Examples in The Mortal Immortal:

The Mortal Immortal

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"pecuniary..."   (The Mortal Immortal)

The adjective “pecuniary” means “related to money.” Here it refers to the loss of wealth the couple suffers by having to move.

"a philter to cure love; you would not cease to love your Bertha--beware to drink!"..."   (The Mortal Immortal)

The noun “philter” refers to a potion, drug, or drink that supposedly creates love for a specific person. Agrippa’s description of the potion is deliberately vague and contradictory. Typically, a philter would incite love, not cure it. It is also unusual that a drink designed to “cure” love would not remove Winzy’s feelings toward Bertha. Of course, Agrippa’s warnings make the drink all the more tempting to the distraught Winzy.

"crucibles..."   (The Mortal Immortal)

This word choice has a clever triple meaning. The noun “crucible” refers to a container in which substances can be heated, but another definition is a place where multiple forces interact to create something new. Furthermore, it also can mean a test or difficult trial. All three definitions apply to the experiments Agrippa is currently conducting, making it a powerful choice of words.

"alembics..."   (The Mortal Immortal)

The noun “alembic” refers to a type of flask used in chemical experiments for distilling substances. Alembics are no longer used in modern times.

"cavalcade..."   (The Mortal Immortal)

The noun “cavalcade” is another word for a dramatic procession. This word choice emphasizes the way Bertha is taunting Winzy, attempting to spur him to action before she marries another. This shows Bertha’s flair for manipulation, and her knowledge of Winzy’s tendency toward jealousy.

"jealous as a Turk..."   (The Mortal Immortal)

This appears to reference a negative stereotype of the time that regarded Turkish men as being protective and possessive of their women.

"coquette..."   (The Mortal Immortal)

The noun “coquette” refers to a woman who flirts in order to gain attention from men, often without interest in a deeper relationship. It typically has a negative connotation.

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