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Facts in Jane Eyre

Facts Examples in Jane Eyre:

Chapter III

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"Guy Fawkes..."   (Chapter III)

Guy Fawkes was executed for attempting to blow up the British Parliament and assassinate King James I. This allusion emphasizes Jane’s inclination to rebel against any oppressors—in this case, Mrs. Reed.

"Martha G—, ..."   (Chapter IV)

Dashes were used to replace last names in 19th century literature to lend authenticity to a fictional narrative. It allows the character in question to maintain a modicum of privacy or anonymity.

"“Monsieur, je vous remercie mille fois de votre bonté;” then rising, she added, “C'est comme cela que maman faisait, n'est-ce pas, monsieur?”..."   (Chapter XIV)

The following is one translation for Adele's French: "Sir, I thank you innumerable times for being so generous. This is how my mother did it, right, sir?"

"“Est-ce que ma robe va bien?” cried she, bounding forward; “et mes souliers? et mes bas? Tenez, je croix que je vais danser!”..."   (Chapter XIV)

“Is my dress not nice?" asks Adele, "and my shoes? and stockings? Watch, I think I shall dance!”

"roué of a vicomte..."   (Chapter XV)

This literally translates to “wheel of a nobleman”, but roué has a more subtle meaning. It refers to someone who lives a debauched lifestyle.

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