Act II - Scene v

[To them] Betty, with Hoods and Looking-glass.

I can’t tell, cousin; I believe we are equally concerned.  But if you continue your humour, it won’t be very entertaining.  (I know she’d fain be persuaded to stay.)  [Aside.]

BELIN.  I shall oblige you, in leaving you to the full and free enjoyment of that conversation you admire.

BELIN.  Let me see; hold the glass.  Lard, I look wretchedly to-day!

ARAM.  Betty, why don’t you help my cousin?  [Putting on her hoods.]

BELIN.  Hold off your fists, and see that he gets a chair with a high roof, or a very low seat.  Stay, come back here, you Mrs. Fidget—you are so ready to go to the footman.  Here, take ’em all again, my mind’s changed; I won’t go.