Act II - Scene vii

[To them] Vainlove, Bellmour, Footman.

BELL.  So, fortune be praised!  To find you both within, ladies, is—

ARAM.  No miracle, I hope.

BELL.  Not o’ your side, madam, I confess.  But my tyrant there and I, are two buckets that can never come together.

BELIN.  Nor are ever like.  Yet we often meet and clash.

BELL.  How never like! marry, Hymen forbid.  But this it is to run so extravagantly in debt; I have laid out such a world of love in your service, that you think you can never be able to pay me all.  So shun me for the same reason that you would a dun.

BELIN.  Ay, on my conscience, and the most impertinent and troublesome of duns—a dun for money will be quiet, when he sees his debtor has not wherewithal.  But a dun for love is an eternal torment that never rests—

BELL.  Until he has created love where there was none, and then gets it for his pains.  For importunity in love, like importunity at Court, first creates its own interest and then pursues it for the favour.

ARAM.  Favours that are got by impudence and importunity, are like discoveries from the rack, when the afflicted person, for his ease, sometimes confesses secrets his heart knows nothing of.

VAIN.  I should rather think favours, so gained, to be due rewards to indefatigable devotion.  For as love is a deity, he must be served by prayer.

BELIN.  O Gad, would you would all pray to love, then, and let us alone.

VAIN.  You are the temples of love, and ’tis through you, our devotion must be conveyed.

ARAM.  Rather poor silly idols of your own making, which upon the least displeasure you forsake and set up new.  Every man now changes his mistress and his religion as his humour varies, or his interest.

VAIN.  O madam—

ARAM.  Nay, come, I find we are growing serious, and then we are in great danger of being dull.  If my music-master be not gone, I’ll entertain you with a new song, which comes pretty near my own opinion of love and your sex.  Who’s there?  Is Mr. Gavot gone?  [Calls.]

FOOT.  Only to the next door, madam.  I’ll call him.