Act IV - Scene iii

Fondlewife alone.

And in the meantime I will reason with myself.  Tell me, Isaac, why art thee jealous?  Why art thee distrustful of the wife of thy bosom?  Because she is young and vigorous, and I am old and impotent.  Then why didst thee marry, Isaac?  Because she was beautiful and tempting, and because I was obstinate and doting; so that my inclination was (and is still) greater than my power.  And will not that which tempted thee, also tempt others, who will tempt her, Isaac?  I fear it much.  But does not thy wife love thee, nay, dote upon thee?  Yes.  Why then!  Ay, but to say truth, she’s fonder of me than she has reason to be; and in the way of trade, we still suspect the smoothest dealers of the deepest designs.  And that she has some designs deeper than thou canst reach, thou hast experimented, Isaac.  But, mum.