Dramatis Personae


Heartwell, a surly old bachelor, pretending to slight women, secretly in love with Silvia

Mr. Betterton.

Bellmour, in love with Belinda

Mr. Powell

Vainlove, capricious in his love; in love with Araminta

Mr. Williams


Mr. Verbruggen

Sir Joseph Wittol

Mr. Bowen

Captain Bluffe

Mr. Haines.

Fondlewife, a banker

Mr. Dogget

Setter, a pimp

Mr. Underhill

Servant to Fondlewife.



Araminta, in love with Vainlove

Mrs. Bracegirdle

Belinda, her cousin, an affected lady, in love with Bellmour

Mrs. Mountfort

Lætitia, wife to Fondlewife

Mrs. Barry

Sylvia, Vainlove’s forsaken mistress

Mrs. Bowman

Lucy, her maid

Mrs. Leigh



Boy and Footmen.