Act III - Scene xi

[To her] Lucy.

Bless me! you frighted me; I thought he had been come again, and had heard me.

LUCY.  Lord, madam, I met your lover in as much haste as if he had been going for a midwife.

SILV.  He’s going for a parson, girl, the forerunner of a midwife, some nine months hence.  Well, I find dissembling to our sex is as natural as swimming to a negro; we may depend upon our skill to save us at a plunge, though till then, we never make the experiment.  But how hast thou succeeded?

LUCY.  As you would wish—since there is no reclaiming Vainlove.  I have found out a pique she has taken at him, and have framed a letter that makes her sue for reconciliation first.  I know that will do—walk in and I’ll show it you.  Come, madam, you’re like to have a happy time on’t; both your love and anger satisfied!  All that can charm our sex conspire to please you.

     That woman sure enjoys a blessed night,
     Whom love and vengeance both at once delight.