Act IV - Scene x

[To them] Sharper and Vainlove at some distance.

BELIN.  Dear Araminta, I’m tired.

ARAM.  ’Tis but pulling off our masks, and obliging Vainlove to know us.  I’ll be rid of my fool by fair means.—Well, Sir Joseph, you shall see my face; but, be gone immediately.  I see one that will be jealous, to find me in discourse with you.  Be discreet.  No reply; but away.  [Unmasks.]

SIR JO.  The great fortune, that dined at my Lady Freelove’s!  Sir Joseph, thou art a made man.  Agad, I’m in love up to the ears.  But I’ll be discreet, and hushed.  [Aside.]

BLUFF.  Nay, by the world, I’ll see your face.

BELIN.  You shall.  [Unmasks.]

SHARP.  Ladies, your humble servant.  We were afraid you would not have given us leave to know you.

ARAM.  We thought to have been private.  But we find fools have the same advantage over a face in a mask that a coward has while the sword is in the scabbard, so were forced to draw in our own defence.

BLUFF.  My blood rises at that fellow: I can’t stay where he is; and I must not draw in the park.  [To Sir Joseph.]

SIR JO.  I wish I durst stay to let her know my lodging.