Act V - Scene xiv

[To them] Sharper.

VAIN.  Faith, that’s a sure way: but here’s one can sell you freedom better cheap.

SHARP.  Vainlove, I have been a kind of a godfather to you yonder.  I have promised and vowed some things in your name which I think you are bound to perform.

VAIN.  No signing to a blank, friend.

SHARP.  No, I’ll deal fairly with you.  ’Tis a full and free discharge to Sir Joseph Wittal and Captain Bluffe; for all injuries whatsoever, done unto you by them, until the present date hereof.  How say you?

VAIN.  Agreed.

SHARP.  Then, let me beg these ladies to wear their masks, a moment.  Come in, gentlemen and ladies.

HEART.  What the devil’s all this to me?

VAIN.  Patience.