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Simile in Much Ado About Nothing

Simile Examples in Much Ado About Nothing:

Act IV - Scene I

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"He is now as valiant as Hercules that only tells a lie, and swears it...."   (Act IV - Scene I)

That is, a man now can be as brave as Hercules by bragging about his great deeds and then swearing an oath.

"You break jests as braggards do their blades..."   (Act V - Scene I)

Benedick's simile implies that Claudio is a coward—when braggards (braggarts) break their sword blades, they do so in order to avoid actual combat or dueling.

"And yours as blunt as the fencer's foils..."   (Act V - Scene II)

When fencers practice, they use a foil with a blunt tip so as not to injure their opponents, so Margaret is telling Benedick that his wit is dull.

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