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Facts in The Were-Wolf

Facts Examples in The Were-Wolf:

The Were-Wolf

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"marl-pit..."   (The Were-Wolf)

The noun “marl” refers to a type of sediment typically used as fertilizer. Thus, a “marl-pit” is a place where marl is gathered.

"lappet..."   (The Were-Wolf)

The noun “lappet” refers to a fashion trend popular for women’s hats, in which pieces of fabric would dangle from the cloth wrapped around one’s head.

"girdle..."   (The Were-Wolf)

The noun “girdle” refers to a type of clothing, typically worn by women, that encircles the waist. It can be a simple belt or a fuller piece of cloth. While White Fell’s wearing a girdle would not draw any comment, that she carries a weapon in her girdle would—men carried weapons for more often than women. This signals her strength and self-sufficiency.

"made the sign of the cross..."   (The Were-Wolf)

The “sign of the cross” refers to a movement performed by members of some Christian denominations. During it, believers trace the shape of a cross on their body while reciting a blessing. It is thought to invoke God’s power, which would serve as a protection from evil. Evidently, the family believes they might soon be in danger and are taking steps to safeguard themselves.

"eider feather..."   (The Were-Wolf)

The noun “eider feather” refers to a type of duck down, plucked from the female eider duck’s breast. It is one of the more expensive variants of down.

"seine net..."   (The Were-Wolf)

The noun “seine net” refers to a type of fishing net, which is held vertically in the water by a system of buoys and weights.

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