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Foreshadowing in The Were-Wolf

Foreshadowing Examples in The Were-Wolf:

The Were-Wolf

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"Since White Fell had parted to the right, Christian to the left, the event of a sequent encounter did not occur to him...."   (The Were-Wolf)

Though Sweyn believes Christian and White Fell are unlikely to meet after fleeing the scene, this line suggests that perhaps they will, even if Sweyn doesn’t think it possible.

""Rol she kissed; Trella she kissed!"..."   (The Were-Wolf)

Notice how the odd voices from the beginning of the story have mirrored the order of the victims’ disappearances. First, the family heard a child at the door, then an elderly person. The last voice they heard before White Fell arrived was the voice of a young man, foreshadowing who might be her next victim.

"you should watch the suspected person till midnight, when the beast's form must be resumed, and retained ever after if a human eye sees the change; or, better still, sprinkle hands and feet with holy water, which is certain death...."   (The Were-Wolf)

Though Sweyn suggests these ways of finding out a werewolf in a joking matter, Christian takes them to heart. That they are included in the narrative foreshadows that they will be tested against White Fell later in the story.

"so that none could see its expression. It had lighted up with a most awful glee...."   (The Were-Wolf)

Here the narrative point of view shifts briefly to focus on White Fell, providing information to readers that is unavailable to the story’s characters in a moment of dramatic irony. Readers are able to see that White Fell is overjoyed at the sight of Rol’s bloody hand, suggesting that she may be more sinister than her appearance suggests.

"as though she spoke in a scarce familiar tongue..."   (The Were-Wolf)

That speech is coming slowly to White Fell suggests that she might be from quite a faraway place, having not spoken the same language as the family in quite a while. Her hesitance with words and human speech foreshadows the reveal of her true nature.

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