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Imagery in The Were-Wolf

Imagery Examples in The Were-Wolf:

The Were-Wolf

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"The clear stars before him took to shuddering, and he knew why: they shuddered at sight of what was behind him. He had never divined before that strange things hid themselves from men under pretence of being snow-clad mounds or swaying trees; but now they came slipping out from their harmless covers to follow him, and mock at his impotence to make a kindred Thing resolve to truer form...."   (The Were-Wolf)

Just as White Fell trespassed into his home, so now is Christian trespassing into the wilderness where humans are unwelcome. As he ventures further from the comforts of civilization, he discovers that nature is not quite as welcoming as it once seemed and may hold more hostility than comfort in the night head. In this realm and in this fight, he is more powerless than ever, a fact made clear by the light of the stars on the things behind him.

"Her eyes glittered; her upper lip was lifted, and shewed the teeth...."   (The Were-Wolf)

Here, the language conveys a strong image of White Fell’s true self. She shows her teeth in a snarl, a far more wolf-like image than the smile she has repeatedly bestowed upon Sweyn.

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