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Simile in The Were-Wolf

Simile Examples in The Were-Wolf:

The Were-Wolf

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"aunched herself upon him with a spring like a wild beast when it leaps to kill...."   (The Were-Wolf)

White Fell’s wolfish nature is explicitly suggested here, when she attacks him just as an animal might to bring down its prey. The danger Christian is in intensifies even more as White Fell strikes.

"Another and another of the white tufts was sent whirling round like a winged thing in a spider's web, and floating clear at last. ..."   (The Were-Wolf)

Notice the image Rol has created: a swirling flurry of white duck feathers, similar to the snow drifting outside. In this way, Rol creates the perfect environment for White Fell’s arrival, having brought an image of nature into the warmth of civilization.

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