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Metaphor in A Christmas Carol

Metaphor Examples in A Christmas Carol:

Stave One

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"They often “came down” handsomely, and Scrooge never did..."   (Stave One)

While winter weather can be harsh, it can still be beautiful. However, Dickens does not extend the beauty of winter to Scrooge. We understand that Scrooge has all the cold, mean, and biting characteristics of winter, but none of its beauty.

"cant..."   (Stave Three)

The verb “cant” in this context means “to speak hypocritically,” usually about something that is religious or political. Another meaning of the term “cant” is “to sing.” The term’s double meaning not only influences the tone of the ghost’s rebuke, but it also aligns with the continued metaphor of music. Scrooge metaphorically sings and literally speaks a “wicked cant” that attempts to “decide what men shall live” and contrasts with the idea of a carol, which should advocate peace and joy.

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