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Syntax in A Christmas Carol

Syntax Examples in A Christmas Carol:

Stave One

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"Is its pattern strange to you?..."   (Stave One)

Since we know that Scrooge and Marley shared most of the same traits, the emphasis on the word "you" demonstrates that the Ghost knows that Scrooge will in fact recognize the pattern of the chain. Scrooge's trembling affirms that he is becoming aware of the similarities between himself and the Ghost.

"They are all indescribable alike..."   (Stave Two)

While Dickens has just successfully described much of the activity surrounding the entrance of the father and the porter with presents, he still resorts to this statement that the feelings were indescribable. We can feel the energy in the passage with the use of exclamation marks, strong, active verbs, and even the fear that the baby might have gotten into trouble. This is meant less as a way of saying that he can't capture the moment and more as a way of finishing his string of action and excitement in the household before transitioning back to Scrooge.

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